Welcome to the sexual counterrevolution–the great untold story behind America’s plunge into political chaos. In Delirium, author and historian Nancy L. Cohen traces our current political crisis to the rise of a reactionary movement to turn back feminism, the sexual revolution, and LGBTQ equality. Presenting an original and deeply researched analysis of the US political landscape, Cohen tells the story of how the sexual counterrevolution has played a leading role in dividing Americans into irreconcilable warring camps, remaking both political parties, and creating our current national crisis.

“A fascinating and disturbing book. Nancy L. Cohen, a lively writer and excellent historian, puts our current situation in historical perspective.” – Eric Foner, Columbia University, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

“Delirium is an indispensable source for understanding how profoundly the politics of the body has swayed the body politic.” – Michael Kazin, Georgetown University

“An impressive contribution to the political dialogue.” – Publishers Weekly

In Breakthrough, author and historian Nancy L. Cohen takes us inside the room with America’s leading women in politics. Drawing on hundreds of hours of interviews with women governors and senators from both parties, experts, political operatives, and a diverse array of voters, Cohen draws an intimate portrait of the savvy women who’ve built an alternative to the Old Boys Club. In this accessible and often surprising story, Cohen introduces us to the inspiring women who wrote the playbook for how women rise in politics, as well as to a dynamic group of young women who are redefining how we think about leadership, feminism, and gender equality.

“Nancy L. Cohen’s Breakthrough is required reading if you care about the future of reproductive health and rights.” – Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood

“Anyone interested in gender and politics and the change we can make should read Breakthrough. Go get it now!” – Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress

“A great account of the commitment, camaraderie, and capability of the women who’ve worked to better our nation.” — U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski

“The history of liberalism never was simple, of course, a point that many historians have addressed and circled without necessarily landing squarely upon it. Nancy Cohen has dared to try, and the result is enthralling” – Michael Green, University of Nevada, in Law and History Review

“A complex and beautifully argued book.” – Australasian Journal of American Studies
“This perceptive, original, and persuasive reinterpretation of political liberalism stands out as one that every future student of the half-century following the Civil War must take into account.” – David Montgomery, Yale University