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By Nancy L. Cohen, 05/17/2016

“Male is the default. When we think of power, we think of men,” Nancy L. Cohen told Warren Olney on today’s To The Point.

The Seattle City Council’s five-woman majority said “no” to a land use deal that might – or might not — have attracted a new sports arena. Their decision provoked a misogynist online backlash from “go back to the kitchen,” to “rot in hell” to threats of physical violence. Even Samantha Bee took note on her TBS show Full Frontal. They’re hardly the only women leaders facing vicious attacks on email and social media — because of their gender. Does this explain why so few women are willing to run for office… from City Hall to the White House?

Listen to Nancy on what this means for women in politics in 2016:

Lorena González, Seattle City Council (@CMLGonzalez)
Erica Barnett, feminist, urbanist and political observer (@ericacbarnett)
Lindy West, writer on feminism and comedy (@thelindywest)
Nancy L. Cohen, historian and author (@nancylcohen)

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Barnett on bar complaint against pro-arena misognyist
West on confronting her cruellest troll
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Cohen on why women should vote for women

You can listen to the full show at To The Point.

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