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By Nancy L. Cohen, May 15, 2012

Mitt Romney wants you to know that he and his party are “extraordinarily pro-woman” – “pro-opportunity for women, pro-moms, pro-working moms, pro-working women,” as he put it on Fox News the other night. This idea Democrats are pushing of a Republican “war on women”? “Misguided, wrong, dishonest,” he told Sean Hannity. “Look” – here came the pivot – “this is a race about helping America do a better job caring for the people of America…. The policies I’m promoting will get America back to work and assure greater prosperity for our citizens.”

It was a telling exchange. Ever since Obama opened up a double-digit lead with women voters during the recent controversies over birth control, Republicans from Romney on down have worked hard to steer the conversation away from divisive social issues that make them look like religious nuts and back to more swing voter-friendly territory. “It’s still about the economy, and we’re not stupid,” Romney proclaimed after all but wrapping up the GOP nomination late last month.

The conservative push to change the subject has basically succeeded, albeit with an assist from lousy job numbers. This is dangerous. Even if “the GOP war on women” – the metaphorical talking point – is dead, as at least one pundit has suggested, the GOP war on women – the real and continuing Republican drive to set back women’s rights and opportunities – remains very much alive.

And make no mistake: A Romney presidency will only escalate the assault. Let’s take a look at exactly how, starting with the issue he says will attract women voters to the Republican ticket: the economy.

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Nancy L. Cohen