WOW – Obama Comes Out for Gay Marriage

By Nancy L. Cohen, May 10, 2012

For once, that’s not War on Women acronym. What a week. Some quick thoughts and links on the week’s news.

Obama Comes Our for Gay Marriage. He just won the election. And more proof that Dems are moving beyond their four-decade old self-defeating sexual counterrevolution. Maybe I’ll regret that prediction, but I’ve been going over the pros and cons and that’s my take. Caveat: a big negative turn in the economy, the jobs numbers, or in one of the international hotspots will render gay marriage irrelevant. But if current conditions hold and there’s no October surprise, this is a winner.

The Romneys Retro-Fest. Ann and Mitt are treating us to the two faces of their retro-vision for American men and women. Ann’s USA Today op ed is a sentimental portrait of motherhood that packs a wallop to any woman who might not think that motherhood is her true destiny. Mitt doubled down on his antigay agenda by dogwhistling to the evangelicals that civil unions aren’t ok either. But that’s nothing compared to today’s Washington Post story by Jason Horowitz about Mitt bullying two students he perceived to be gay at his exclusive prep school. Together Ann and Mitt show us what choice and freedom look like under a Romney presidency.

North Carolina. Very sad. This is a civil rights issue – even if it’s not exactly like other civil rights issues—and rights should not be put to a vote. A revealing factoid here. Twenty years after the Supreme Court ruled laws against interracial marriage unconstitutional, only about a third of Americans thought interracial marriage was ok.

Indiana: Another nail in the GOP moderates’ coffin. But with no exit poll, it’s impossible to say for sure what role the sexual fundamentalists played in the Tea Party this time around.

So much more to say about each of these, but I’m plunging into a three-week marathon session to write a new chapter for the paperback release of Delirium in September. If you want to reach me during this time, direct message me on twitter @nancylcohen. Cheers, and see you in June.

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Nancy L. Cohen