Super Tuesday: It Doesn’t Matter

By Nancy L. Cohen, March 6, 2012

What will happen on Super Tuesday and what will it mean? It doesn’t matter. No matter the outcome, it will confirm that the sexual fundamentalists own the GOP.

Romney, once again, looks like he’ll be the GOP nominee. I’m with the minority who thinks the primary race will be over sooner rather than later. The others simply don’t have what it takes to win. Gingrich doesn’t have the character, Santorum doesn’t have the money, and Paul doesn’t have the votes.

Romney has serious liabilities with the far-right base. Not being extreme enough on birth control, women, and gays is not one of them. Since the birth control furor erupted, Mitt has defended Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting insults against Sandra Fluke and insinuated that the Pill is no different than abortion. And just in case you forgot, months ago he signed the National Organization of Marriage’s pledge to support their anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment. Even more importantly, it’s guaranteed that no Supreme Court appointee of his will rule favorably when Prop 8 or a similar case reaches the Supreme Court.

Romney’s sprint to the far-right since Gingrich won South Carolina has been appropriately well-covered by the press. But by vanquishing Rick the holy warrior, will the spin again be that sanity and moderation triumphed? I’ll have more to say about this classic ploy as things develop in the next few weeks.

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Nancy L. Cohen